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Announcing Our 26th Season!

From the pre-show chitchat in the lobby where we meet and greet, to the time we spend in the theater watching, breathing, and sharing each play, to the "important conversations" that happen after the performance in the lobby, in the car, when we arrive home, and in kitchens over breakfast the next morning, Kitchen Theatre Company has been intent on creating a full experience for our audiences. It has been my pleasure and honor to lead this extraordinary company of artists, who are supported by adventurous subscribers and friends, to this exciting moment in our shared history. KTC's 2016-17 season has a roster of plays that will take us down some familiar paths and on some new journeys, but will always be a "bold, intimate, and engaging" experience. Please join us for this 26th Anniversary Season.
         -Rachel Lampert, Artistic Director

Hand to God
By Robert Askins
September 4 - September 25, 2016 - Regional Premiere

Outrageous! Irreverent! In the quiet and conservative  town of Cypress, Texas, Pastor Greg asks recently widowed Margery to take over the church puppet club and prepare a Bible lesson for the following Sunday. Everything is thrown into chaos when one puppet is taken over by the devil, leading to an all-out battle with wildly funny and deliciously devastating consequences. Hand to God was nominated for five Tony Awards. (Ages 16+ Adult language and situations)

“[Askins makes] us laugh while juggling those big themes that make life so terrifying: death, depression, alcoholism; sexual guilt; emotional repression; religious hypocrisy; and the eternal battle between your good puppet and your bad puppet.” ~Variety

Precious Nonsense
By Rachel Lampert
October 16 - November 6, 2016

It’s 1939, and the Depression has reduced the Carter Family Savoyard from a thriving theatrical company to a troupe of just four singers. When a theater manager insists that they perform a full version of Pirates of Penzance, anyone and everyone is recruited to make it happen. Precious Nonsense is a backstage/onstage tour de force for seven players packed with mistaken identities, romantic entanglements and gender-bending role playing. Fun for the whole family! (Ages 7+)

“A sparkling musical that has not only concocted something unique and fresh out of Gilbert and Sullivan's songs, it is overflowing with enough laugh-out-loud silliness to block out winter's coldest chill” ~Ithaca Journal

Death Boogie
By Darian Dauchan
November 15 - December 4, 2016 - Regional Premiere
Directed by Jennifer McGrath

Darian Dauchan is an award winning solo performer, actor, and poet with an unmatched ability to create a world of distinct characters. In Death Boogie, he combines physical theater, music, video, and poetry to tell the story of an ordinary office worker who dreams of revolution. A hip hop poetry concert musical with live violin and double bass accompaniment. (Ages 16+ Adult Language)

“What a talented performer! Actor and poet Darian Dauchan is someone special… [Death Boogie] is poetry meets song meets political activist meets story-teller meets live music. And it works.” ~British Theatre Guide

Birds of East Africa
By Wendy Dann
January 29 - February 12, 2017, World Premiere

When ornithologist Marion is suddenly widowed, she seeks the comfort of her college friend Stephen and his husband Nick. Marion’s life studying the birds in East Africa has not prepared her for the loss and loneliness she now faces. Healing in the home of old friends and finally facing family she never really knew, she begins to see the world again. (Ages 14+)

Sex With Strangers
By Laura Eason
March 12 - April 2, 2017
Directed by Rachel Lampert

Twenty-something Ethan writes a blog of “sexcapades” that has catapulted him into instant celebrity and success. Forty-something Olivia is a mid-career novelist, widely unappreciated. When the two are waylaid in a remote cabin, the chemistry is explosive. Written by Laura Eason, a fearless writer best known for her work on TV’s House of Cards, Sex With Strangers takes a keen look at power, success and attraction. (Ages 16+ Language and Adult Situations)

“Who are you?” Those are the first words spoken in “Sex With Strangers,” a twisty and timely play by Laura Eason, and they cut right to the core of this two-character drama about lust, love and the complex nature of identity in our digital-dominated era. ~The New York Times

Throw Pitchfork
By Alexander Thomas
April 23 – May 7, 2017
Directed by Sara Lampert Hoover

Solo writer/performer Alexander Thomas explores two generations of men in his African American family. An edge-of-your-seat story of a family’s struggles and successes, Throw Pitchfork navigates serious terrain with comedy and surprises along the way. (Ages 14+)

“The show is, in the end, an elegy for a father...a portrait of a father's poignant legacy and what struck me as a dead-on depiction of how a family diverges from a center.” ~The New York Times

Clean Alternatives
By Brian Dykstra
June 4 - 18, 2017
Directed by Margarett Perry

A businesswoman turned environmentalist takes on a pollution-spewing megacorporation in this satire of environmental politics and corporate America. Funny, dark, and relevant, Dykstra’s play won a Fringe First Award in Edinburgh in 2006. (Ages 14+)

“A powerful meditation on social responsibility and personal redemption, mixing razor-edged dialogue with a poetry-slam directness.” ~Ithaca Times