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Now in the Judith Holiday Gallery

SURFACE TENSION. An art exhibition by Barbara Mink

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Artist's Statement

Surface Tension
 An Art Exhibition by Barbara Mink

I am inspired by creating and counterbalancing formal oppositions of line and color, form and space, light and dark, organic and architectonic, diffusion and thickening, surface and depth. I struggle to bring out the mysterious and ineffable beyond the mundane, so that my abstractions and techniques embody the individual pitted against or confronted by the overwhelming, incomprehensible immensity of the universe.

I feel a kinship with 19th-century Northern Romantic artists such as Friedrich and Turner, stirred by their sense of scale and heroic theatricality. Even when tending toward monochromatic, color is always an important part of my work: it is energy, emotion, life, and it brings joy and quickens the blood. Whatever I devise in terms of hue, saturation, and vibrancy must be met with a restraining force or structure, and I increasingly explore processes that set different qualities of color, pigment, and texture against each other, even allowing for and embracing dissonance.

I think we’re hardwired to appreciate beauty in music, art and literature; we can learn sophisticated ways to approach beauty, but at the most basic level I think people respond to certain constructs found in nature as reflected in aesthetic fundamentals and classic tropes. As the daughter of an artist, I imbibed the principles of art making at an early age, yet I am constantly pulled in new directions rather than staying with one style or point of view.

Mediated by a desire for freedom, this tension between permanence and flux seems to always play out in my canvases. Viewers don’t respond to my work as an extension of my personality or from my intention, but rather, how it makes them react or feel. That meeting of viewpoints is why I paint.

Born in Buffalo, New York, Mink is a Summa cum Laude graduate of SUNY Buffalo, NY. She moved to Ithaca, NY in 1976 where she pursued a PhD in Comparative Literature, was a freelance actor in television and radio commercials, News Director of a radio station, and received an MA degree in History from Cornell University in 1986. Mink studied with Stan Taft, Bill Benson, and the late Bente King and Thomas Buechner. She is a member of the State of the Art Gallery in Ithaca the Ithaca Art Trail, the Buffalo Society of Artists, and Western NY Artists Group, and is represented by Indigo Art Consultants in England., Art Advice Consultants, NYC, and Part Galleries. Florida.